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Toronto Black Farmers

Toronto Black Farmers

We are farmers, we develop and create organic by-food products from the produce we farm. Our products are readily distributed to groups such as people in need of nutrition, people on fixed incomes, young families, young adults, people suffering from health issues, and others who their medical doctors prescribe only organic eating for them, etc. We aim to solve the illusion of making good food accessible to all by coming together and working together in-eliminating food insecurities issues in our communities.
Granny Lee's Kitchen logo

Granny Lee's Kitchen

It all started with the pancakes.

Leonie Segall, aka Granny Lee, spent almost a decade perfecting her pancake mix. Giving both the mix and finished product away to friends and family as gifts or thank you’s, and they couldn’t get enough. They wanted the recipe. They wanted the pancakes. They wanted all of it. So much so that many of these people decided free wasn’t an option anymore and started paying Leonie for her culinary goodwill. So, after a lifetime of cooking and baking and with a little gentle prodding from her sister, Granny Lee’s Kitchen was born.

And now with an ever growing list of tasty products, Leonie and Granny Lee’s Kitchen continues to do everything for the love of food and family, spreading happiness and joy, one delicious baked good at a time.

grannyleeskitchen.com  | @grannyleeskitchen
inheyl candle co.

Inhëyl Candle Co.

inhëyl candle co. is a Toronto-based, Black woman-led online candle boutique that provides a harmonious candle experience. Each candle is curated and hand-poured into small batches with paraben, phthalate, lead, and zinc-free materials sourced in Canada.
We offer candles in support of mindfulness, meditation, and meaningful conversations.
Cokis Bead logo
Cokis Beads
@cokisbeads @cokiscrystals
Suddies Kitchen
The 6ix Cupcake Girls
6ix Cupcake Girls
The Cupcake Girls
Island Heat logo
Island Heat
Mamas Ginger Juice
Mamas Ginger Juice
Soursop Shop
Soursop Shop
Atiba Farms logo

Atiba Farm

ATIBA FARM is an initiative of Black Vegans of Toronto, a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to improving the health of black Canadians.
The purpose of the farm is to organically grow fresh fruits and vegetables for low-income, chronically ill, disabled seniors, and marginalized members of our community in Toronto and the GTA. Black Vegans of Toronto is a support group for Black Canadians who are vegetarian, vegan, or raw foodies and are interested in transitioning to a plant-based vegan lifestyle. We support each other and lovingly and respectfully encourage our families, friends, and all Black Canadians to adopt this incredibly healthy, disease-preventing lifestyle.

atibafarms.com | #plantbasedfarmacist
Honey Guru

Honey Guru

My love for cooking has allowed me to discover the countless ways to use this natural sweetener in my kitchen. From grilling to roasting, honey can be used in just about any recipes served either hot or cold. A light drizzle of this luxury treat on your toast can turn a piece of bread into a spectacular breakfast.

Honey Guru “Taste the Difference, Authentically Jamaican”.

Pelau Catering logo

Pelau Catering

"Bringing healthy tasty Trinidad and Tobago meals and drinks to the Canadian taste buds"
Mae Roots

Mae Roots

Mae Roots offer an incredible line up of natural products from long lasting deodorants to beard oils and balm, pain relief ointment, body butters and oils with healing properties, hair growth serum and hair care products, face/body and hair soap and more. All products are handcrafted and distributed with love, positivity and creative energy -made with simple organic, unrefined, quality ingredients. The idea behind each product is to provide quality solutions and results by using top tier ingredients. To encourage people to embrace a natural healthy self-care regimen, to practice self-love and beauty acceptance as well as providing a feel of satisfaction after each use. The aim is to give value of money spent and have visible benefits; Eliminating toxins and harsh chemical ingredients from their routine. Products are purely toxic-free with no parabens, no waxes, no acids, no petroleum, no mineral oils, no DEA, no sulfates, no phthalates, no propylene, no formaldehyde, no filler ingredients and no soy.

Spike Your Food

Spike Your Food

Jai Bittles has been a part of the Toronto culinary scene for more than twenty years. During the pandemic, chef Jai decided to take a leap of faith and focus his full energy on Spike Your Food, providing the city with a new spin on the traditional Jamaican patty.

As a person of colour who grew up in a single parent household, Jai has experienced adversity firsthand, which has shaped his desire to give back to the community. The belief that every person has the right to tasty and nutritious food is the cornerstone of his culinary philosophy."
Afrotique Group


Designer of Satin Bonnets, Satin, Pillowcase, Steam/Shower caps, socky Bonnets, locs/braids and for people with long curly hair, as well as African head wrap with satin on the inside. All Bonnets are made with 100% silk/satin


Revivafy is a dynamic and innovative company with a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and natural health products. As a registered company owned and operated by Grenadian friends and business partners, Kemron and Cee, our mission is to forge lasting partnerships with farmers in Grenada. This enables us to provide customers worldwide with premium quality sea moss, herbs, and spices, ultimately helping them live healthier and longer lives.
Yo Prep

Yo Prep

Yo Prep Eats Incorporated is a family owned business that supplies fry dumpling, festival, and pizza dough throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This business aims to make the act of cooking a joy and seamless activity for people of all ages, backgrounds, and genders, and to build and maintain a family bond within each household. Yo Prep Eats ensures that yummy is made easy.

yoprepeats.ca  | @yoprep.eats
Johnson's Juicery

Johnson's Juicery

"Johnson's Juicery has been on a mission since 2019 to heal the mind, body, & soul. Utilizing Natural Fruit/Vegetable Juices, Sea Moss Smoothies, & Cleanses to help people think clearer, feel lighter, & overall live a healthier lifestyle."

Culture Power logo

Culture Power Inc.

Culture Power Inc. represents the newest online experience, we provide authentic African inspired merchandise and education. Since 2006 Culture Power has been grounded and connected on a grassroots level working on the front providing communities with a wide range of services and educational initiatives. In 2018 C.P. merged with Backtoafricatours.com with the aim to fine-tune Culture power and our vision with this new cutting edge, next-level online experience. We will be using this online platform as a gateway to connect all people and provide easy access to authentic products made by Africans on the continent as well as the diaspora. A very important piece is to develop and promote some of the finest and talented craftsmen, tailors, and fashion designers on the African continent and from around the world/Diaspora.
Omo Bamboo Shop logo

Omo Bamboo Shop

Omo Bamboo Shop is a zero waste business based here in Toronto. We sell a range of bamboo products as well as minimalist crafts made out of cement, soaps, body butter and minimalist textured art

omobamboo.com | @omobambooshop
Kairah's Kitchen

Kairah's Kitchen

Kairah’s Kitchen is about making Caribbean Fiery & Chill Sauce that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Inspired by my mother’s healthy vegan lifestyle I created a range of Caribbean Fiery & Chill Sauces that are delicious, gluten-free, Vegan-friendly and bursting with flavours.

House of Tigernut

House of Tigernut

House of Tigernut is a revolutionary new brand. Our Our products are made from Tigernuts, ranging from Tigernut milk, cookies and other products. Let us be your milk Man!

houseoftigernut.com | @houseoftigernut
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