Introducing Callaloo Cash

Afro-Caribbean Farmers' Market

A market currency program designed to help local families

Callaloo Cash is a market currency program designed to help local families who are in need of affordable access to clean and culturally appropriate food. The cash-holder will use them at vendors that provide essential, fresh and nutrient-dense foods, such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, meat and bread.
The cash system is organized into denominations of three ($3.00) CDN. The purpose of this system is to reduce the financial barriers of low-income people, so that they can enjoy ethical, local and organically-grown foods. With this initiative, we would like to partner with local food security organizations, community organizations and businesses.

Do you want the market to distribute your Callaloo Cash donation?

If you wish to distribute your own currency, you have the choice of picking up your cash at the market or you can send us your mailing information and your Callaloo Cash will be mailed to you.
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