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Toronto Black Farmers

Toronto Black Farmers

We are farmers, we develop and create organic by-food products from the produce we farm. Our products are readily distributed to groups such as people in need of nutrition, people on fixed incomes, young families, young adults, people suffering with health issues and people that their medical doctor prescribes only organic eating for them etc. We aim to solve the illusion of making good food accessible to all by coming together and working together in eliminating food insecurities issues in our communities.


Comos Baking Studio logo

Cosmos Baking Studio

Cosmos Baking Studio is a collective baking project based in Toronto, started in October of 2020. We bake to explore food and connection beyond the commodified system as part of a larger movement toward building equitable food systems.

We focus on nutritious whole grains baked in accessible and interesting ways, with the goal of learning and sharing cultural knowledge and traditional methods in baking and the beautiful variety of grains in existence. Our goal is to unlearn the ways in which we contribute to systems of oppression and heal ourselves from what we have internalized.

Aviah Whole Foods logo

Aviah Whole Foods

On July 21, 2014 Aviah Whole Foods was established in response to the high cost of food prices and inflation. Seeing the impact it caused across all communities initiated a call to action. This was the beginning of collective buying with family, friends and neighbours and sharing boxes of food items.

Our Vision

We are committed to food security, access to food for everyone regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, we support local farmers and we anti-GMO foods. We support the Jamacian economy by buying seasonal Carribean foods straight from Jamaica. In addition, we have high quality cod fish, not salted fish, fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, homemade rum cake, grapenut and rum and raisin ice cream depending on availability. We are determined to go back to our Carribean foods heritage which is key to maintaining our health and mental wellness.


Ahomeka Essentials logo

Ahomeka Essentials

Ahomeka Essentials is a family owned and operated business that is passionate and committed to creating Natural and Organic Skincare and Wellness products that are effective and safe for your entire family. Embracing generations of knowledge and skills in working with Nature to assist us on our journey to improve our health and wellness, continues to be the motivational factor in creating our wide selection of handmade plant- based products.

We take special care and pride in growing our own herbs and botanicals and ethically sourcing from reputable sources ensuring that only the purest and highest quality ingredients are incorporated into all our products, resulting in confidence and satisfaction.


Honey Guru

Honey Guru

My love for cooking has allowed me to discover the countless ways to use this natural sweetener in my kitchen. From grilling to roasting, honey can be used in just about any recipes served either hot or cold. A light drizzle of this luxury treat on your toast can turn a piece of bread into a spectacular breakfast.

Honey Guru “Taste the Difference, Authentically Jamaican”.

Rhyz logo


Rhyz is a food & beverage company that is rooted in the history of African Canadian and Southern U.S. culture. We tell untold stories of African diaspora through our Exceptional food services and products. We sell handcrafted African & Southern U.S. inspired barbecue sauces and dips as well as street food and grilled meats of Africa and the South.


People's Pint Brewing Company logo


Only.Nicks relief salve is made up of 100% natural ingredients such as lavender, tea tree & peppermint. It will help target your outer pain so you can focus on your inner. Only.Nicks salve helps reduce swelling pain, redness, or irritation from skin conditions like eczema & psoriasis, and also hydrates dry skin.


Pelau Catering logo

Pelau Catering

"Bringing healthy tasty Trinidad and Tobago meals and drinks to the Canadian taste buds"


Butter and Spice logo

Butter and Spice

Butter and Spice is a completely online, black-owned, gourmet bakery, and we guarantee quality and consistency in everything we make. We bring delectable, fresh-baked goods to your door in the Greater Toronto Area. Our specialty: Fudgy and delectable brownies with only the best ingredients. We bring innovative and unconventional flavors to our brownies, such as our staple flavor: Tahini & Maldon Sea Salt.


ZMB Imports Inc logo

ZMB Imports Inc

ZMB Imports Inc is a family owned business whose mission is to bring fresh affordable authentic Caribbean produce to our community. We now serve the local GTA with the vision of meeting the needs of our community nationwide.


Samosa Delight logo

Samosa Delight

Nina and Yasmin, are the proud owners of Samosa Delight; home of the best samosas in town. They bring 11 years of experience respectively to the table. Their mother, Asha, started selling her golden crispy treats at local farmer markets all over the city. Within couple of years, our samosas were featured in articles of local, and major publications. At the height of the pandemic, the subsequent closing of our restaurant, and our mother's retirement, my sister and I launched Samosa Delight to bring back Wiif samosas and to fulfil our mother’s dream.

Greenchics Export & Import Ltd

Greenchics Export & Import Ltd

Greenchics Export & Import Ltd. was established in 2017 with a view of importing spices and agricultural products from the Caribbean and Latin America.


Rich Earth Vegan Eats logo

Rich Earth Vegan Eats

United by love and by a mission of serving nutritious and earth-friendly foods, founders Eartha Lowe and Richard Counsell envision operating an eco-conscious business and utilizing their entrepreneurial spirit to create a “Richer Earth.” What they develop are true vegan products inspired by fresh and local ingredients with a taste of Jamaican culture.

Discover their collection of vegan baked goods, soups, stews, and dressings made with fresh and natural ingredients. Order online to get RicherEarth Vegan Eats food delivered in select Ontario regions.

Discover the benefits of eating good food. Learn about the nutrient-rich, health-promoting plant foods RicherEarth Vegan Eats use in their vegan products. Their products feature real fruits, roots, leaves, legumes, and more.

At RicherEarth Vegan Eats they aim to serve you healthy vegan food that you'll love.

RicherEarth Vegan Eats

Deep Roots Farm logo

Deeper Roots Farm

Deeper Roots Farms is a 0.5-acre urban farm located in the Greater Toronto Area centred on growing food staples for those in the African Diaspora. They grow organically on their farm and provide fresh organic vegetables through delivery and pick-up services.
Deeper Roots Farm

Nile Valley Books

Nile Valley Books is an Independent, Afrocentric, Black-owned bookstore located in the East end of Toronto. We sell authentic best sellers, comics, fabrics not available in mainstream stores. We read books, sell them and host events around them!

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